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Ultimate steam cleaning

The Jet Vac Ultima is a robust vacuumated steam cleaner with chemical injection designed to tackle the most demanding of cleaning tasks.

Its uses are many from stain removal and grout cleaning, cleaning of curtains, upholstery and mattresses through to cleaning and de-greasing of kitchen equipment and floors plus many more.

Water is super-heated producing dry steam vapour at temperatures up to 180 degrees centigrade which not only cleans but sanitises at the same time.
Certified data from independent laboratory tests is available to prove the efficacy of the Ultima against hospital acquired infections compared with traditional methods of cleaning.

The Ultima is supplied with a complete set of tools and accessories for a variety of applications and its continuous flow allows automatic re-filling and non-stop operation reducing working downtime.

Being featured on the Water Technology List means that you not only save water with the Ultima you can also claim enhanced tax relief on your purchase.

For more information visit www.duplex-cleaning.com, email info@duplex-cleaning.com or call 01227 771276.


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