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Venture’s Rio lighting kit takes off at Glasgow Airport Business Park

Venture-Lighting-Europe-LtdVenture Lighting’s popular new Rio street lighting kits have made a big impact at the Cirrus Building in Glasgow Airport Business Park, in terms of general light output and the significant reduction in running costs.

Since Venture introduced Rio, the system has been chosen as the most simple and cost-effective way to upgrade high pressure sodium street/car park lighting to a more efficient source, whilst retaining the existing fittings.

The Cirrus Building, owned by Capita Symons, was originally using 250W SON lighting within its car park and this had to be upgraded and maintained regularly by the building management company (E C G Facilities Services Ltd). With running costs at an all time high, E C G were looking for a more sustainable lighting solution and discussed options with a local specifier and installer, Bradstone Lighting of Glasgow. Calculations showed that by using Venture’s Rio kits the cost of upgrading the lighting would halve, when compared to installing new luminaires and the Cirrus project was the first installation of Rio in Scotland.

Rio kits incorporate Venture’s CM-City ceramic lamps which deliver up to 118 lumens per watt and a uniform white light, which offer an ideal replacement for 250W HPS lamps without compromising on lighting performance. By offering a white light as compared to the yellow hue output of SON lamps, the system provides a much aesthetically pleasing and safer environment. The lamps offer 30,000 hours life and the kit can be installed in minutes.

David Cunning of Bradstone Lighting commented “All parties are very happy with the installation at Cirrus. The work took place over the weekend so the new lighting was in place working when employees arrived back at work on Monday morning. The new lamps have greatly improved visibility but with a much lower installed electrical load which has an estimate payback of 24 months.”


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