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VEXO/BOSS X-POTs and BOSS X-PO Water Treatment Chemicals – a winning combination

The double award winning, patented VEXO/BOSS X-POT Side Stream Filtration & Dosing Units combine Air Separation, Dirt Separation, Magnetic Filtration & Dosing Pot all-in-one and come in many sizes suitable for closed Heating, Cooling and Condenser Water systems up to 30 Bar and 2,592,000 litres. X-POTs fully comply with BSRIA BG29 & BG50 guidelines and with super fine filtration down to 0.5 microns are the most effective Side Stream Filtration Units available in the HVAC industry. In addition to being extremely cost effective, X-POTs also save valuable space in plant rooms and are completely in their element when retro-fitted to existing poor quality closed systems especially when used in conjunction with BOSS X-PO Water Treatment Chemicals.

X-POTs are the very latest solution to achieving BSRIA & ASHRAE best practice guidelines for water quality management in closed systems. The cumbersome and costly, conventional is to install multiple individual components namely Air Separators (high level), Dirt Separators (low level), Magnetic Filters and a Dosing Pot – all connected and piped up back to the closed system taking up valuable wall and floor space. BSRIA & ASHRAE best practice of 5 Micron filtration were not being achieved as full line size Dirt Separators will usually only achieve circa 20-30 Microns with only the much heavier smaller items dropping once they enter the Dirt Separator.

In 2017 a total of 170 BOSS X-POTs were installed in existing closed LTHW systems in one London Borough in various communal Boiler Houses serving residential blocks. Prior to each installation a sample of the system water was independently analysed – once the test results were issued the client would agree to a BOSS X-POT being installed and BOSS X-PO Water Treatment Chemicals being added – usually BOSS XPO35 Non-Flush Sanitiser & Cleanser and BOSS X-PO10 Inhibitor. A further system water sample would be taken a few weeks later and the results were outstanding – one very happy client and many 1,000’s of happy residents. Break down calls associated with the Communal Heating systems reduced significantly and the BOSS X-POTs provide an easy to maintain solution going forward.

In terms of CAPEX, BOSS X-POTs are extremely competitively priced, similarly with OPEX they can be serviced, without any interruption to system operation, in under 10 minutes with the Magnet Grate being cleaned, Filter media checked and replaced and the Inhibitor levels checked for correct dosage. Operator training is very straightforward and with no electrical or rotating parts there is nothing to breakdown or go into fault mode.

With the X-POTs ensuring the system water quality achieves BSRIA & ASHRAE best practice guidelines, the capital items of plant (including Chillers, Boilers, PHEXs, Pumps, Coils and Heat emitters etc) will all be operating efficiently and meeting their designed outputs whilst using less energy in the process.
BOSS X-POT Compact, X-POT6 and X-POT XP Units plus BOSS X-PO Water Treatment Chemicals are all available usually ex-stock from 60+ branches of BSS Industrial nationwide in UK & Eire. We also have distribution partners in USA, SE Asia and Australia/New Zealand (ANZ) – if you have any technical questions, tenders or sales enquiries, please email customerservice@vexoint.com or call 0207 953 1154 – please also visit our website www.vexoint.com (due to be updated again very soon).


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