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WhiffAway Group’s waterless urinal technology – a growing success

Water and energy conservation in the working environment has become a priority on the corporate agenda. With the cost of water increasing year-on-year, 100% water-free urinals offer an opportunity to achieve significant monetary savings. From a carbon footprint perspective, the latest independent data states that 1.2 Kw/h of energy and 0.7Kg of CO2 is saved per 1m3 of water. These savings present a ‘no brainer’ scenario, adding to the worldwide acceptance of waterless urinals.

WhiffAway-MIFM-Sep15WhiffAway Group is a market leader in waterless urinal technology, having invented and pioneered the world’s first retro-fit solution in 1990. Well respected organisations including RBS, The Cabinet Offices, 02 Telefonica, VUE Entertainment, Home Retail Group, M&S and Centrica have converted many of their estates to 100% water-free urinals with WhiffAway. All clients have enjoyed substantial commercial, environmental and operational savings.

The history of converting traditional water flushing urinals to waterless has not always been universally accepted. Firstly, the technology available has historically had functional limitations, secondly, installation hasn’t been fit-for-purpose and thirdly incorrect maintenance practices have been adopted. In partnership with the UK’s leading plumbing products manufacturer, McAlpine & Co and a nationwide specialist support team, WhiffAway has developed an award winning technology in conjunction with a tailored serviced solution, overcoming common urinal problems post installation. WhiffAway’s latest ‘Water Warrior’ technology, incorporating dual patented cartridge and one-way valve technology is tried and tested in over 60,000 urinals across 17 countries.

For commercial sites looking to conserve water, waterless urinals offer a significant saving opportunity with an excellent ROI through retro-fit behaviour, when compared to other capital intensive water efficiency schemes. With proven WhiffAway technology overcoming common urinal problems such as odours, regular blockages and flooding, now is the time to review the opportunity and arrange a no obligation survey. For those who have had unsatisfactory experiences with waterless urinals or other reduced flushing systems, WhiffAway would welcome an opportunity to review and recommend a suitable solution, thus enabling our customers to maximise their savings without having a detrimental effect on washroom perception.

For further information please visit www.whiffaway.co.uk, call 01494 512 959 or email info@whiffaway.co.uk


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