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Why facility managers and car park users collectively benefit from Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems 

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) car parking systems are delivering real value and benefits to facilities managers, landlords and users. HX Car Park Management provides innovative solutions that make real operational and financial sense, in addition to eradicating anti-social behaviour, vandalism and inappropriate use of maximum stay, pay and display and staff car parks.

Safe and secure parking is important to all of us, and nobody likes returning to find a damaged vehicle, paying excessive fees or incurring a parking penalty charge.

ANPR systems are fully automated and operate 24-7, allowing facility managers to remotely collate real time statistics, develop future business strategies, understand usage, ensure access and positively increase revenue without alienating users.

In 2019, The Department of Transport will implement the biggest change to disabled parking in 40 years recognising individuals with less obvious ‘hidden disabilities’, meaning a greater need for blue badge parking permits. This will need additional supervision of available parking spaces, meaning by using ANPR systems, sympathetic action can be taken based on the information available.

ANPR systems can calculate the length of single or multiple stays, combining periods of free/paid for parking. Restricting access is equally important if spaces are being monopolised by inappropriate or unwelcome users, causing real problems for legitimate users. Also, certain users (contractors/staff) can be white-listed for varying periods so that they can gain free access to a site, whilst others are charged appropriately.

ANPR systems can track when staff or particular vehicles enter/leave the car park and for how long they stay. So, if a car has not moved for a defined period of time, this can be flagged and any problems investigated.

If you are interested in maximising revenue and ensuring you have happy users, please contact HX Car Park Management:

Tel: 03330 066316
Email: enquiries@hx-pcn.com
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