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ZIRIUS the Hot Restrike Ignitor from b,a,g,

ZIRIUS, from leading intelligent lighting solutions manufacturer b,a,g, Electronics, is a fully electronic, hot restrike ignitor that requires no cooling down phase so, after a mains failure, high pressure discharge lamps can be restarted immediately and without flicker thanks to this revolutionary technology.

This new generation of ZIRIUS is error free in order to eliminate voltage flashover to the luminaire connection terminals in the device and offers a 2 wire technology for easy and rapid connection. Another benefit of the new ZIRIUS is its highly efficient circuit design that saves energy with low power loss and which also contributes to the significantly reduced self heating of the device. The product also provides extended lamp life thanks to flicker-free and soft lamp start, whilst universal application also applies as ZIRIUS is designed for mains voltages of 230 to 480 V, permitting use with a wide variety of lamp types from 250 to 2000 watts.

ZIRIUS is ideal for a wide range of applications where instant re-ignition or anti-panic lighting is required, such as airports, sports stadiums, public squares, exhibition halls and industrial plants.
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