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    The energy performance gap

    There is a growing body of evidence that shows many buildings are not performing as well as their designers intended, Geoff Prudence, chairman of the ...

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    Big Brother is watching you….

    It is often said that Britons are amongst the most spied upon people in the world. CCTV cameras loom on every high street. But monitoring and surveill...

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    A lack of water leads to lack of awareness, problems with concentration and poor short-term memory. But ask anyone what they reach for when they need ...

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    One size fits… Almost

    We hear a lot about designing workplaces for different generations but what about creating offices that take into account different nationalities, gen...

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    Smarter working

    It’s common to talk about the trend toward agile or flexible working, and how technology is enabling this. In this feature FMJ asks whether a truly co...


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3M innovation helps reduce costs and improve sustainability for ISS

3M’s innovative range of floor pads and advanced cleaning and maintenance products ...

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P&G Professional, makers of Flash All Purpose Cleaner, present Flash 3in1, developed to provide the perfect first impression

• Flash 3in1 multi-surface cleaner cleans and disinfects in one go, eliminating ...

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Poppies Europe approved to join CHSA’s Accreditation Scheme for Soft Tissue

Following a comprehensive audit conducted by the Accreditation Scheme’s independent auditor, Martin ...

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Perform Wiping Range – Designed to save money!

The newly launched Perform range of wiping products from Northwood Hygiene Products ...

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