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    Waste Not Want Not

    Everyone is encouraged to recycle, to not waste the Earth’s resources and so on. You won’t find an office in Britain anymore without the standard wast...

  • womens-power-454870_1280

    Women in FM

    Google changed its search logo for the day in order to honour the occasion, the USA designated the whole of March “women’s history month,” and, closer...

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    9 to 5

    There is little more daunting than a job interview, and the pressure is only growing as the way companies recruit is changing and, since the recession...

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    Lost underfoot

    Choosing a floor for your offices might seem to be little more than a stylistic exercise but there are important factors to consider. FMJ speaks to in...

  • The-Human-Factor-1

    The Human Factor

    Staff satisfaction and wellbeing have taken centre stage in recent years, and nothing is more important to keeping your workforce happy than ergonomic...


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SNG Commercial launches Muvo Professional

New laundry brand with the quality of brand leaders that can add ...

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OCS cleans up social housing in Northern Ireland

International total facilities management provider OCS has been awarded a contract to ...

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i-Clean joins EHRC Taskforce

i-Clean Systems Ltd, the independent best practice benchmarking specialist that has reviewed ...

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Rawlins ups the pressure for hygienic cleaning with rights to Kaivac range

No-Touch Cleaning backs up campaign for science-based approach Denis Rawlins Limited has ...

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