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A ‘fake’ path to success

We constantly hear about people “faking it, until they make it”. Did this cliché apply to you when you were first starting in your current position, or indeed at any point in your career? What advice would you give to ...

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Will FM become a career of choice for Britain’s youth?

We often hear that FM is a career that people just fall into. Yet Universities are now offering courses in it, foreign students are regular visitors to key sites in Britain and the wider public perception is increasing all the ...

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What are the key points to a successful career path?

Every April the London Marathon huffs and puffs around town. Runners train for years so they know just when to expend bursts of energy and when to hold back. Bearing in mind that we often hear how your career is ...

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What does FM require from a new government?

With the general election now less than 100 days away, what policies and strategies does the FM industry need to see implemented by any new government 
in order to flourish in the years ahead? THE END-USER’S VIEW GUY STALLARD, 

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Transferring past skills into your current roles

In an interview with FMJ last month, Macro MD Debra Ward said that waitressing in her youth was the best possible preparation for a career in FM as it taught her how to prioritise, about procurement, customer service and more. ...

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