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How can facility managers cut water waste, reduce risk and save money?

Water waste, leaks and damage have a major impact on facilities operation. Benchmarks indicate that on an average – 25% of water entering buildings ultimately goes to waste, most times undetected. The costs of water damage in properties keeps rising, and if you count emergency repair and restoration service, downtime in operations, customer inconvenience and high insurance deductibles – it becomes a significant burden for any management team. This is where advanced technology and innovation comes to the rescue:

Take for instance Microsoft’s new 46,000-square-metre campus. A noticeable example of how leveraging technologic solutions transformed their facilities effectiveness. In addition to the corporate’s ongoing mission to reduce its carbon footprint, the company also faced the challenge of protecting a cutting-edge research and development facility from the risk of potential water damage. By deploying advanced leak detection and mitigation solutions throughout the LEED-certified campus, Microsoft saw immediate operational and environmental benefits. In the first 12 months since installing these systems, Microsoft:

  • Cut 8 million gallons of water from going to waste
  • Eliminated 350 cubic tons of carbon emissions
  • Reduced water consumption rates by 46%
  • Saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in water bills

With advanced enterprise-grade leak detection solutions such as WINT Water Intelligence organisations like Microsoft can successfully manage water throughout the lifecycle of a building. WINT’s IoT and AI-Powered data-driven technology offers real-time analytics that detects leaks at their source and effectively mitigate a major source of risk while helping facility management teams take action instantly, even from remote while they’re off-site, when a water event occurs. This means property owners can reach critical financial and sustainability benefits that result in return on their investment in a very short period of time.

WINT helps organisations avoid the pain of water damage in their facilities and empowers them to reduce the cost of operations. In 2023, WINT helped over 400 leading global enterprises mitigate water damage and reduce their environmental footprint, preventing more than 900 water damage incidents. WINT is used globally by customers including the Empire State Building, HP, Dell, PepsiCo, CBRE and Mace.

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For further information visit https://wint.ai/, email sales@wint.ai or call 020 8103 9070.


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