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The lure of big data and the importance of people

Blog from Helen Salmon, Group Sales Operations Director, Atalian Servest If you’ve read anything on technology trends for the FM sector recently, then you will no doubt have come across a plethora of content expounding on the need for the ...

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Face the facts

In the struggle to win contracts and be the best, new and evolving benchmarking processes might be key to gaining the edge says Gary Barbour at Autonomous FM A benchmark, in layman’s terms, is a standard or point of reference ...

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2017 Top Tech Trends for FM


The tech revolution across all industries continues at a rapid pace and 2017 will see more innovation than ever before.  The FM industry is modernising and technology will drive the change. There will be more connection, more automation, and more ...

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Smart futures

In 1950 only 30 per cent of humans the world over lived in cities. By 2050 that is set to grow to over 70 per cent. New buildings and new cities will mean bigger and better roles for facilities managers. ...

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Big Brother is watching you….

It is often said that Britons are amongst the most spied upon people in the world. CCTV cameras loom on every high street. But monitoring and surveillance isn’t limited to cameras, monitoring of e-mails and internet use is rife and ...

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