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Internal report

Earlier this year, Environmental Psychologist Dr Nigel Oseland collaborated with Sharp to research the extent to which environmental factors, such as lighting, air quality and temperature, affect employee performance Facilities managers take many factors into account when recommending an office ...

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How beneficial are whacky designs in a modern day office?

Every time people bring up interiors or office redesigns in print or at conferences you can bet your life it won’t be long before someone brings up “Google’s offices” or something similar. Are these whacky designs actually relevant or beneficial ...

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A lack of water leads to lack of awareness, problems with concentration and poor short-term memory. But ask anyone what they reach for when they need a boost, and coffee, tea and fizzy drinks will probably top the list. How ...

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Can training really enhance employee performance?

It’s natural for companies to see a direct need for training in response to new services or provide induction courses for new employees due to expansion. This is a tried and tested way to manage learning and development opportunities in ...

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