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Half of employees are unhappy with workplace hygiene

According to new research commissioned by PHS Group, 48 per cent of staff are unhappy with the hygiene standard of their workplace. The workplace services provider also found, that a staggering 88 percent reported that the standard of their workplace impacts ...

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Germ Warfare

It might not be the happiest of topics, but the Ebola outbreak is no longer just raging in Africa but has spread to Europe and the United States. An extreme example of course, but what can facilities managers do to ...

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To Hull and back

Jonathan Hooper of Northwood Hygiene Products explains the challenges faced when someone was asked to review the provision of the towels, soap and toilet tissue requirements for every single one of Hull City Council’s public buildings whilst keeping a keen ...

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Hygiene standards drive revenue and reputation in the retail and hospitality sectors

Global research finds hygiene is vital to customers’ return visits • Restaurants: 88% admit hygienic washroom facilities are an important factor in returning • Cafés: 48% admit to not returning to a restaurant or café because of poor hygiene standards ...

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