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Survey reveals how the UK is feeling about returning to the office

A new survey of 1,000 office workers reveals how the nation is feeling about getting back to work. With many returning after months in isolation, anxieties are expected to be high. The research carried out by Moneypenny, the outsourced communications ...

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Number of employees reluctant to return to the office doubles

New research has revealed that the number of employees who do not want to return to the office has nearly doubled since the start of the lockdown – rising to 34 per cent, from 19 per cent in April. The ...

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Boost your business’ brainpower with Opløft the new frontier of the hot desk movement 

Office workers perform better in tasks related to attention-span, decision-making, language skills, positivity and creativity after their static workstations are enhanced with portable sit-stand platforms. From November 14th 2018, businesses can benefit from an innovative product to support healthy agile ...

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Fighting White Collar Weight Gain: Adding more movement to the workday can be a game changer

Read any research into the relationship between a sedentary job and health and a common theme will emerge. Office workers globally describe the difficulty in balancing a healthy lifestyle with a demanding, desk-based career. Surprised? Unlikely. Employers are well aware ...

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On your feet

Gavin Bradley, founding Director of Active Working CIC, explains why too much sitting around in the office is bad for health, wellbeing and productivity You might have heard a popular new saying: ‘sitting is the new smoking’. Well, it’s not ...

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Tork survey examines how office workers interact with cleaners

A Europe-wide move towards daytime cleaning is forcing office workers and cleaning staff to work closer together than ever before. But how comfortable is this situation for office staff? This is what Tork manufacturer SCA aimed to discover when commissioning ...

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