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Fighting White Collar Weight Gain: Adding more movement to the workday can be a game changer

Read any research into the relationship between a sedentary job and health and a common theme will emerge. Office workers globally describe the difficulty in balancing a healthy lifestyle with a demanding, desk-based career. Surprised? Unlikely. Employers are well aware ...

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Introducing Yo-Yo Desk X | Budget priced Standing Desks from £199.95

Sit-Stand.Com, Britain’s #1 exclusive supplier of standing desks is launching Yo-Yo Desk X , standing desk at an unbeatable price of £199.95 (including VAT & Shipping). “This is a game changer” according to Rik Mistry – head of UK Sales ...

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New desk launched to fight child obesity

With NEARLY half the UK’s primary school children in certain parts of Britain either overweight or obese*, comes the welcome launch of an exciting new ‘standing’ desk workstation from Evo Office designed to help curb and reduce this very worrying ...

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Pre-Order Yo-Yo Desk PRO 2 and SAVE 25%

Yo-Yo Desk PRO 2+ is a high-performance, German designed standing desk. Powered by Dual Motors fitted with Silent Motion technology inside a robust aluminium frame. 5 year warranty. FREE digital display with 3 memory settings (Save £60). This highly durable ...

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Introducing Yo-YoDesk LITE from Sit-Stand.Com

Sit-Stand.Com has added Yo-Yo Desk LITE to its best-selling standing desk range. Yo-Yo Desk LITE is portable and the most affordable standing desk yet, priced from only £129.95 (inc VAT & Shipping). Available in 2 sizes, Yo-Yo Desk LITE is ...

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