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Back-up power specialist takes a big step forward

Until January 2023, YorPower, PPSPower and Glenace all operated as successful independent companies in their own right. Then came the long awaited announcement from Stephen Peal that the merger was complete and YorPower is now the Group name for all ...

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Battery backup required for Video Assistant Referees (VAR) – FIFA issues letter to all Premiership clubs

Football match technology has advanced significantly over the last decade. One of the biggest advancements has been the introduction and widespread use of Video Assistant Referees (VAR) to help officials make more accurate and consistent decisions. Developed in 2010 by ...

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Keep on running

A UPS system depends on its battery backup to maintain power following a blackout – but winter can be hard on batteries, warns Stephen Peal, Director of PPSPower On 10 August, almost a million people were affected by a major ...

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