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Clear as day

Jonathan Dore, Commercial Director at Kingspan Light + Air, sheds light on the benefits of balancing natural and artificial lighting in the design of a workplace In modern architectural design, building natural lighting into projects is becoming a key consideration ...

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See the light

Sam Rylands, Marketing Manager for DURABLE UK, explains why visual ergonomics are the next logical step in workplace lighting Mega-trends like increased digitisation, individualisation and urbanisation are rapidly changing the way we work. Stereotypical offices are a thing of the past, and ...

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Lighting can enhance workplace productivity

LUCTRA provides biologically effective light (or Human Centric Lighting), which not only illuminates, but promotes alertness, higher activity levels and restful sleep for its users. We are all unique, so LUCTRA also gives each user the ability to adjust their ...

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Light up your life

Using a combination of four elements can help you achieve the most visually comfortable and affordable lighting within the modern workplace says Paul Coggins of Zumtobel Group Effective commercial lighting needs to combine the requirement of a visually comfortable and ...

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In the mood

Manufacturers are competing to develop human centric lighting products that promote productivity and comfort in the workplace The European Union’s lighting for people research and technological programme has made it plain that lighting not only affects the ability of people ...

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Get enlightened

What do you think is the worst thing that can happen if you don’t have suitable emergency lighting in your workplace? Assuming that there isn’t a fire or other disaster of course. A slap on the wrists? An order to ...

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