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3 ways to prevent infections in the workplace

Have you taken all the necessary precautions to protect your staff and visitors to your buildings?

To make life easier, workplace expert DURABLE have put together some tips for preparing your sites for the return of the workforce and highlighted solutions to help you achieve this.

Tip #1 provide sanitising stations
Washing and sanitising hands regularly and thoroughly is really important, especially when people are working in close proximity and using the same shared spaces.

Placing hand sanitiser in entrances, communal areas and around shared desk spaces where several people are active can help prevent the spread of germs.

Disinfectant dispensers with signs provide a constant reminder about good hygiene practices.

Ideally choose a dispenser with a lever arm, which can be used more hygienically with forearms and elbows.

Tip #2 wear face coverings
Many people are looking forward to spending some time in the office with their colleagues in order to have those valuable face-to-face conversations or quick corridor catch ups.

To encourage safe interaction between staff, ensure everyone is wearing a face mask.

Transparent face shields are an alternative where it is important to show facial expressions or useful to speak more freely.

Choose a CE certified Face Visor to ensure it meets safety regulations.

Tip #3 use signage
Placing markings on the floor helps people to judge distances more accurately. They are a clear and recognisable way to highlight one-way systems and where people can stand.

Markings can also be placed on chairs to highlight that they aren’t in use. Choose a removable marking which can be easily removed at a later date.

Wall and floor-standing signage is also really important. Define a maximum number of people permitted in each room and hang a sign at the door indicating this number.

Choose signage which is easy to install and reposition if needed.

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