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Acclaro Advisory and Datore partner for third stage of SFMI Scope 3 emissions project

Datore has been appointed by Acclaro Advisory to provide essential analytics services for the Scope 3 Emissions Framework Programme, spearheaded by the Sustainable Facilities Management Index (SFMI).

SFMI’s Framework for Scope 3 Emissions has been designed to empower FM providers, corporate in-house FM teams, and building owners in accurately measuring and reducing their carbon footprint. This initiative is crucial, considering the substantial impact of the built environment on the UK’s overall emission figures.

The Programme will launch on 30 April 2024 at 9 a.m. during a webinar where Acclaro and Datore will cover:

  • Introduction to the new SFMI programme for 2024
  • Key regulatory trends coming into effect over the next few months
  • Deep dive into Phase 3 of the Scope 3 FM project, which looks to understand the current emissions gap in the built environment’s carbon footprint. An overview will be provided of the reporting portal

The SFMI is an initiative set up by Acclaro Advisory, an independent sustainability consultancy. The SFMI assesses, educates and up-skills businesses in and around the facilities management space to embed sustainability into the management and operation of their business, and see the value on the bottom line now and in the future.

This collaborative effort is a result of meticulous planning and coordination with the SFMI Scope 3 framework Board committee, which includes prominent FM providers like BAM FM, Bouygues E&S, Skanska, and Optima Grupo. It also boasts the support of key industry membership bodies such as RICS, IWFM and IEMA, showcasing a united front in the push for sustainable practices within the sector.

Marking a pivotal moment, the project has now transitioned into its third stage, where Acclaro has partnered with Datore as the project’s analytical partner of choice to collect and analyse significant data sets to understand the current emissions gap in the built environment’s carbon footprint.

Sunil Shah, Managing Director at Acclaro Advisory, highlighted the rationale behind this strategic partnership. He said: “Data lies at the core of our Scope 3 project. Given the sheer magnitude of information at play, it was crucial to find a partner capable of deep analysis and extracting invaluable insights. We are excited to collaborate with Datore to turn this vision into reality.”

Datore will work with Acclaro to offer a single validated score to provide comparable measures and benchmarking for GHG emissions against other FM companies and suppliers. This partnership is not only expected to propel the project within the UK, but also aims to extend its reach globally.

Datore, as the only UK Analytics as a Service provider specialising in the built environment, has worked with a number of clients on optimising energy usage, sustainability, and facilities management in general. The company has 30 years of experience in the built environment, a genuine passion for data insights and resources needed to move from raw data trapped in systems and spreadsheets to valuable organisational impact.

Graham Perry, Managing Director at Datore, commented: “We are absolutely delighted to be partnering with Acclaro to deliver real sustainable impact for the FM industry, our experience in big data, built environment and sustainable reporting combined with Acclaro’s leadership in the sector will make a huge difference as scope 3 becomes increasingly more important.

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Navigating FM efforts to sustainability 

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FM businesses face unique challenges and heightened expectations of eco-initiatives from their clients. Yet, behind the scenes in FM businesses, many environmental initiatives, rollouts and even planning, are not broadcasted and transparent.

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