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Acoustic Partitions help to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Despite a raft of restrictions such as gathering limitations the government wants to get the economy going again. As schools and workplaces call for new safety measures, acoustic partitions are an effective way to minimise space to accommodate smaller groups. Whilst maintaining regulations and restricting the number of people who have access to a given space at any one time.

Evidence suggests that Covid 19 can spread through airborne respiratory particles. Once in the open position and the mechanical seals are activated the acoustic partition not only acts as a sound barrier but as a Covid divider by blocking the flow of air from one space to the next, whilst also providing a physical barrier to maintain spacing requirements. Manufactured from the ceiling to floor acoustic partitions safely allow multiple activities to happen in close proximity to one another while resuming the new-normal business practices of avoiding crowds in a single space.

Acoustic partitions are a perfect for schools, hotels, offices, meeting rooms, conference centres and places of worship and can be supplied in an almost endless choice of colours and easy to clean surface finishes.

As businesses restart their operation there is concern about the best way to reconfigure the workspace layout. Acoustic partitions are not only an effective way to maintain the increasing demand for social distancing but there is the potential to maximise revenue by sub-dividing larger areas into smaller safer spaces.

If you need to re-think your workplace through and beyond Covid-19, Moving Designs Ltd are happy to assist with the safer return to the workplace or classroom with our high specification acoustic partitions. Whatever your requirement Moving Designs can assist in making your space more productive.

For more information visit www.movingdesignslimited.co.uk or call 0845 6432197.


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