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Add the full range of UV-C disinfection products from GOLDENSEA UV to your cleaning protocol to ensure a truly deep clean and prevent the spread of Covid-19

With the easing of lockdown and recent changes in government guidelines, workplaces of all kinds are eager to open their doors, kickstart their businesses back to life, and recoup some of the losses inflicted by the COVID-19 pandemic. To do this quickly, a safe, efficient and reliable method of controlling harmful viruses is paramount to ensure the safety of staff and guests and rebuild customer confidence.

GOLDENSEA UV can help you achieve this easily, economically and reliably, with its new, complete range of UV-C disinfection lamps designed specifically for domestic and commercial use, and proven to cleanse objects and public areas of 99.99% of harmful bacteria and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

UV-C technology is proven, efficient and safe and, when used in addition to normal cleaning regimes, ensures the best, most secure and consistent results in minimising bacterial and viral spread. What’s more, employing UV-C technology as the final component in your new cleaning regime, avoids the hazards and disadvantages of chemical sprays, such as surface damage, high running costs and exposure of staff to hazardous substances, and reduces the risk of cross contamination due to poor/inconsistent cleaning practises or accidental transmission.

Deep cleaning for all types and sizes of environment is possible with GOLDENSEA UV’s disinfection lights which are available in a range of sizes to provide ultra-violet disinfection for small, medium and large commercial and residential environments from hotels, offices, bars/restaurants to workshops, gyms, schools and other large public spaces.

The range includes solutions for cleaning surfaces, tools for cleaning the air and a cabinet for the disinfection of daily use items like mobile phones, tablets, headsets, microphones, masks, office stationery, make up tools, masks and other items.

GOLDENSEA UV launches Series to disinfect surfaces
GOLDENSEA UV’s “Surface” Series utilises 253.7nm UV-C lamps from Philips and Osram and is designed for the disinfection of commercial and residential environments on an industrial scale. The efficacy of UVC-disinfection protocols at inactivating viruses like SARS-Cov-2 – as proven by Boston University and numerous other studies – depends on the UV-Dosage delivered over time. For this reason, GOLDENSEA UV has produced a selection of different sizes of product – simply choose from one of 5 units to suit your needs.

A 1-tube UV disinfection light for smaller sized rooms, in particular bathrooms
• Up to 40m2 coverage
• Start delay, proximity shut-off and fall protection
• Local touch keys + remote control
• Surface mount
• 9000-hour lamp life

A 2/4-tube UV disinfection light for medium sized rooms
• Up to 80m²/160m2 coverage
• Start delay and proximity shut-off
• Local touch keys + remote control
• Surface or wall mount
• 9000-hour lamp life

A 6/12-tube UV disinfection light for larger sized rooms
• Up to 240/480m2 coverage
• Quick cleaning of 20m² in just 10 minutes (UVM216)
• Start delay, proximity shut-off and fall protection
• Local touch keys + remote control
• Wheels included for the mobile use
• 9000-hour lamp life

GOLDENSEA UV adds products to disinfect the air
GOLDENSEA UV AIR purification solutions bring the same peace of mind and effectiveness as its surface cleaners, only this time for combatting the virus in aerosolized form.

UVAIR 216 is designed for large spaces; UVAIR108 is slightly smaller and focuses on hotel rooms and more personal spaces. Both units are equipped with enough power to allow decent air purification and turnaround. An ACH (Air Change per Hour) of 6-10 times is recommended.

GOLDENSEA UV AIR products are ideally suited to all larger public spaces like banks, conference rooms, waiting rooms, class rooms, public transportation and many more. The flexible AIR purification range can also be transformed into a surface disinfection unit, with all the safety features found in the Surface range, by simply removing the doors. HEPA filters are available as an option.

For more information visit www.goldenseauv.eu, email sales@goldenseauv.eu or call +33 (0) 1 83 75 12 00.


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