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Amey awarded Gold Skills Builder Excellence Mark

The infrastructure services and engineering company has been awarded the Gold Excellence Mark by Skills Builder Partnership, which recognises organisations that demonstrate best practice in embedding essential skills – such as problem solving and teamwork – into recruitment, staff development, and/or outreach.

Amey says it has worked “incredibly hard” over recent years to embed the Skills Builder Framework and approach across the organisation, achieving four Impact Levels for its focus on outreach and community engagement work. After this success, Amey adds it was was motivated to expand it further and decided that the next step would be focusing on its apprentices and graduates.

Amey purchased the Essential Skills Academy training course – a series of 10 workshops that help individuals to better understand essential skills, their strengths and areas of development against the Framework, how they fit into the context of their role and set goals to improve them.

Amey adapted the workshops to best fit its employees and have been delivering them internally since September 2022. Through their delivery, staff have been providing feedback and coaching apprentices and graduates in essential skills and modelling best practice by using the tools and resources and completing activities themselves. Line managers have also been trained in the essential skills and Framework so they can nurture and support their direct reports to build these skills.

Finally, Amey has added a section into its appraisal/review form for apprentices and graduates that requires them to reflect on their essential skills in formal review meetings.

Sarah Hale, Social Value Manager, Amey, commented: “We are delighted to have been awarded a Gold Skills Builder Excellent Mark. We want everyone at Amey to have the opportunity to develop their essential skills and reach their potential, and embedding the Skills Builder Framework across the business has supported us in this goal. Having a framework in place provides access to valuable resources and enables both employees and managers to follow best practice.”

Amey and Skills Builder will continue to work together towards the Platinum Excellence Mark.

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