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Anders+Kern appointed official UK distributor for PointGrab’s AI based smart workspace sensors

Anders+Kern a leading distributor of AV and workspace technology solutions, is pleased to announce a new distribution agreement with PointGrab, a pioneer in AI based smart sensor technology. Through this partnership, Anders+Kern will offer PointGrab’s innovative Sensor Data System, including the industry-leading CogniPoint sensor, to AV and IT resellers across the UK.

Longstanding Relationship Leads to Official Distribution

“We’re excited to take our longstanding relationship with PointGrab to the next level,” said Barrie Meehan, Managing Director at Anders+Kern. “As official distributors, we can bring their industry-leading sensor technology to a wider audience. PointGrab’s CogniPoint sensor, for example, offers a unique combination of high-resolution imaging, sensing, and artificial intelligence, making it ideal for enhancing collaboration and productivity in modern workspaces. This innovative sensor goes beyond simple people counting to provide valuable data on movement patterns, usage ratios, and even object detection.”

PointGrab Sensors: Unleashing the Power of Data for Smarter Workspaces

PointGrab’s smart sensors provide real-time, high-fidelity data that can be used to optimise workspace layouts, improve room utilisation, and reduce operational costs. Unlike traditional sensors, PointGrab’s CogniPoint sensor leverages a powerful combination of technologies:

  • High-Resolution Imaging: Creates a detailed image of the workspace, providing insights beyond simple presence detection.
  • Object Tracking: Analyses object dimensions and movement patterns, enabling advanced space utilisation analysis.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Uses machine learning algorithms to extract valuable insights from the sensor image, such as occupancy trends and potential security risks.

This rich data empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions about their workspaces. Imagine optimising layouts to promote collaboration, identifying underutilised areas for cost savings, or even enhancing security measures with real-time object detection. Anders+Kern’s expertise in workspace technology solutions, combined with PointGrab’s cutting-edge sensor technology, will provide customers with a powerful solution for creating smarter and more efficient workspaces.

“We are excited to partner with Anders+Kern to expand the reach of our Sensor Data System in the UK workspace technology market,” said Larry Levy, VP Customer Success & Partnerships at PointGrab. “Anders+Kern’s strong reputation and deep understanding of customer needs make them an ideal partner to help us deliver the benefits of our technology to businesses across the UK.”

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