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Assessing the life cycle of an industrial or commercial metal roof before PV panel installation

You should consider the life cycle of your metal roof before installing PV panels. Due to the significant costs of a solar PV system, the condition of the roof is critical so it should be assessed prior to installation. The expected life cycle of commercial solar PV systems is around 20 to 25 years, therefore it is crucial that your roof is able to match this.

Failure to bring the roof back to standard can lead to corrosion of the roof sheets beneath the PV panels. Uninstalling and reinstalling PV panels in order to refurbish the roof or undertake a full roof replacement would be a costly and time consuming process.

For these reasons, it is essential that commercial roofs are inspected and refurbished prior to the installation of any solar PV panel systems. Sharmans have two roof refurbishment systems:

Delcote® – The Full Roof Coating

– Backed by an industry leading 25 or 10 year product guarantee (Dual/Single Coat).

Seamsil® – The Cut Edge Corrosion System

– Backed by an industry leading 15 year product guarantee.

Sharmans market leading roof refurbishment systems Delcote® and Seamsil® are proven to extend the life cycle of industrial and commercial roofs, therefore protecting the long term investment of a solar PV panel system.

Protect your solar PV investment and ensure that your roof is fit for purpose with Delcote® and Seamsil®. Contact Sharmans for more information.

T: 01298 812371

E: info@hdsharman.co.uk



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