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Axil sets standard with Sustainability and Social Value Charter

In the run-up to Recycling Week (16-22 October), total waste management firm, Axil Integrated Services, has set out its first Sustainability and Social Value Charter, emphasising its commitment to positive environmental impacts.

Since its foundation in 2018, Axil says it has “prioritised investments in people and innovation,” evolving into a business at the forefront of re-engineering waste.

It adds that this charter is as a “testament” to the company’s “dedication to fostering positive impacts for employees, customers, suppliers, contractors, communities, and the environment”.

From cultivating safer workplaces to engaging with communities around increased reuse, repair, remanufacture and redistribution, the charter encapsulates Axil’s commitment to sustainability and social value.

Gina Rudkin, Head of Sustainability and Zero Waste, commented: “Setting out our desired key sustainability outcomes, the stakeholders they affect and how we will transparently measure our performance against those outcomes is fundamental to ensuring that all functions of our business are working towards a common goal. We’re not just talking commitments; we’re delivering measurable outcomes and communicating our success, setting a benchmark for a sustainable future.”

The charter, which aligns with key principles declared in the ESAs Social Value Charter, anchors itself on Axil’s Sustainability Mission: to operate a resilient business that leaves a lasting positive imprint on the economy, society, and our environment.

The charter also further solidifies Axil’s pledge to align its activities with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that are within its sphere of influence. The SDGs represent an urgent call to action for all nations, both developed and developing, in a global pact to eradicate poverty, improve health and education, diminish inequality, and stimulate economic growth.

Axil has mapped its business activities to 10 SDGs that it can directly impact or those which the company can influence through its partnerships.

In 2022, Axil achieved milestones in sustainability and social value including:

  • Zero lost time incidents (LTIs) & RIDDORs
  • 1481 hours of employee training completed
  • 100 per cent of employees earning above the living wage
  • 74 per cent staff survey returns
  • 22 per cent of roles filled via internal promotions
  • 1199 actions through our reward scheme
  • 439 hours of employee community support
  • Over 1600 tonnes of waste directly reused
  • 100 per cent landfill avoidance on our own waste arisings
  • 88 per cent of suppliers Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs)

Edward Pigg, Managing Director at Axil Integrated Services said:“We believe in securing a sustainable future through responsible resource management, technological deployment, education, and innovation. We want to do more, with less. With each intervention, we aim to drive towards a more efficient, circular economy.”

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