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Biggest cladding removal scheme is launched

The government has launched the Cladding Safety Scheme, which it says is its “biggest building safety intervention to date”, and will give thousands more buildings access to government funding to fix dangerous cladding across England for the first time.

The full opening of the Cladding Safety Scheme (CSS)  means that costs associated with removing unsafe cladding in mid-rise buildings between 11 and 18 metres across England and high-rise buildings over 18 metres outside of London where fire safety professionals have recommended that works must take place, will now be covered by government funding, protecting leaseholders from costs where the responsible developer cannot be made to pay.

The scheme will also be available to the social housing sector.

The CSS will be funded by both the £5.1 billion allocated by government to fix the most dangerous buildings and through revenue from the Building Safety Levy on new development.

Building owners who believe they are eligible for funding need to apply through Homes England Cladding Safety Scheme application portal.

Any leaseholders or residents living in a building they think is eligible for funding will be able to provide further information about their building using Homes England’s ‘Tell Us tool’.

Peter Denton, Chief Executive of Homes England, said: “The Cladding Safety Scheme pilot was an important step in removing the cost burden on leaseholders trapped in unsafe homes and built on the progress made on building safety.

“The full rollout of the programme allows us to go even further. Our team is ready to go, and we expect thousands of buildings to benefit over the next decade.

“We will continue to work with DLUHC to ensure the pace we’re working at is maintained, so we can bring peace of mind and protection to the millions of people whose lives have been affected by unsafe cladding.”


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