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Bouygues E&S introduces Orbiter

Bouygues Energies & Services (Bouygues E&S)  has launched Orbiter™, a 360 online self-assessment tool which helps building owners assess their building’s performance and see the bigger picture.

Building Management is at the heart of a successful business operation and buildings are at the centre of every conversation with bigger questions being asked around building users and building purposes. Over the past two years, the way we occupy and work within our commercial buildings has certainly transformed: more flexibly, collaboratively and digitally with a strong focus on sustainability. By bringing together Purpose, People and Assets, Bouygues E&S says Orbiter™ will help support building owners’ strategic aims in achieving their net zero ambitions.

Increasingly, building owners are questioning whether their buildings are future-proof and fit for purpose. The interactive Orbiter™ tool comprises a quick and easy 10-question survey, which on completion, will assess the building assets such as the energy profile, building information, sustainability and compliance; the purpose, in terms of utilisation, productivity, value for money, flexibility etc; and the people who use the building, evaluating but not limited to customer satisfaction, user-friendliness, security and wellbeing.

On completion, Orbiter™ will highlight areas where building owners and users can improve the space they occupy, drive productivity and optimise building performance and utilisation. Engagement from the company’s specialist Orbiter™ team will facilitate a discussion on how Bouygues E&S can help identify solutions and through a comprehensive assessment survey can help them see the bigger picture.

David Carr, Chief Executive Officer for Bouygues Energies & Services, said: “We are proud to be leading the way in the market with the first 360 online self-assessment tool. Now more than ever, businesses must address how their operations and activities are impacting climate change, but also the productivity of their people. Improving building performance plays a significant role in this and Orbiter’s methodology aligns perfectly. At Bouygues E&S, we recognise the importance of creating a working environment where our people can flourish and developing smart buildings to reduce our carbon footprint, support the energy transition and digital transformation – with Orbiter™ we can help you do the same.”

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