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Raj Kanda Group Fleet and Asset Manager OUTCO (left) and Nikki Ettwell, General Manager, Sales and Rental Location Operations, VWFS- Rent-a-Car

Building a greener fleet: OUTCO signs deal with Volkswagen Financial Services for new surfacing, infrastructure & grounds maintenance vehicles

Outdoor compliance expert OUTCO has signed a two-year deal with Volkswagen Financial Services Rent-A-Car, helping the company modernise its fleet and reduce emissions with new vehicles that feature efficient and Euro 6 compliant engines. The leasing deal has replaced an older fleet of owned and hired vehicles with 16 vehicles for OUTCO’s Surfacing & Infrastructure division and provides 28 Volkswagen panel vans for its Grounds Maintenance division. A further 30 Volkswagen panel vans are also on order and are waiting to come off the production line.

The arrangement also paves the way for the future introduction of hybrid and electric vehicles as and when more suitable models become available given the current challenges of market availability. OUTCO are also working with Volkswagen to supply its staff with the option to personally hire electric and hybrid cars as part of the Volkswagen Infinity Scheme at discounted rates. The scheme is to help employees who do not want to commit to long term leases and have the flexibility to return the vehicle as when required.

Operating nationwide, OUTCO’s Surfacing and Infrastructure division provides a complete car park refurbishment, construction and maintenance service, as well as civil engineering, drainage, line marking, specialist coatings and surveying services. Hence, its vehicles need to be robust and reliable but must also support the forward-thinking company’s drive towards greater sustainability.

“By replacing an older fleet with all-new models, we are able to reduce fuel consumption and cut CO2 emissions in line with our company objectives,” explains Raj Kanda Group Fleet and Asset Manager OUTCO. “We see this as a step in our journey towards zero emission vehicles – and, as a company, towards net zero emissions. In this vehicle segment there are currently limited options for electrified vehicles – especially given the impact of the global semi-conductor shortage on automotive supply chains. However, working with Volkswagen provides us with a way to immediately take advantage of the newest generation of cleaner, Euro 6 compliant engines, while also having a strong partner on board that is investing heavily in electrification.”

For the Surfacing & Infrastructure division, the deal with Volkswagen Financial Services Rent-A-Car includes the supply of 16 vehicles, including twelve Crafter Doublecab Dropsides, one welfare vehicle, two Transporter vans for the drainage business team and a Caddy van to be used as a site manager’s vehicle.

The deal is part of OUTCO’s ongoing drive to operate with an efficient and up to date fleet. The recent VW deal follows a renewal of over 100 gritting vehicles for OUTCO’s Winter Services division vehicles over the previous year with other vehicle brands. The major investment to keep the company’s nationwide fleet of around 500 vehicles in optimal condition reflects OUTCO’s commitment to reliable and dependable service – especially when operating in safety and mission-critical contexts.

“In VW, we have a partner that matches our commitment to reliability and assured delivery,’”explains Raj Kanda. “While many auto brands are struggling to get vehicles into showrooms, the team at VW hugely impressed us by supplying the exact vehicles we needed, with the flexibility we demand, and in the timeframes we set. This allows OUTCO to provide its teams with smart, modern vehicles that reflect our professionalism and tech-forward company culture. Moreover, providing our teams with safer and more comfortable vehicles makes a real difference to attracting and retaining highly skilled staff.”

“We are excited to complete the first phase of a long-term business partnership with OUTCO to supply both commercial vehicles and cars,” Nikki Ettwell, General Manager, Sales and Rental Location Operations, VWFS- Rent-a-Car. “This is a significant moment for both OUTCO and VWFS Rent-a-Car. Our shared vision has enabled us to deliver a varied fleet mix that is bespoke to their exact requirement. We are pleased at the speed at which we were able to implement and deliver the vehicles that OUTCO needed to cater for their mobility needs. This partnership to supply vehicles on VWFS Rent-a-Car’s flexible rental platform ensured that OUTCO was able to upscale their fleet with no initial capital required. In addition to the benefits of maintenance, breakdown cover and worn tyre replacements, our partnership ensures that we will minimise downtime for OUTCO’s vehicles.”

For more information visit www.outco.co.uk


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