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CCS marks 10th anniversary having saved £3.8bn of taxpayers money in the last year alone

The Government’s procurement department, the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) has saved over £3.8 billion of taxpayer money in the last year alone, as the agency celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.

CCS centralises government procurement, allowing thousands of public sector organisations to procure services quicker and easier, whilst saving taxpayers substantial sums of money each year.

Over 21,000 public sector organisations are now supported through the central system, including schools, hospitals and prisons saving them money on purchases from food to IT and allowing them to invest in the vital public services each of us use every day.

Over the last 10 years, 10,000 suppliers have been brought onto agreements, with over 7,500 of them being SMEs, who have been supported to win contracts with the public sector, and gain a bigger slice of the £300 billion a year public procurement pie.

CCS, an executive agency of the Cabinet Office, was established to replace the Government Procurement Service, with the aim of centralising central government procurement spend and helping the public sector to better extract value from its commercial and procurement activity. As a Trading Fund, predecessor organisations to CCS began in 1991.

It provides commercial agreements which give all public sector bodies a choice of vetted suppliers who offer the best value, leveraging the scale of public sector demand. By using these agreements to source everything from locum doctors and laptops to police cars and electricity, public sector customers can achieve commercial benefits such as reduced costs compared to market prices and better value in contract terms and conditions.

CCS also has responsibility for building commercial skills and capability across government and the public sector.

Alex Burghart, Parliamentary Secretary for the Cabinet Office, said: “Over the past 10 years, Crown Commercial Service has brought substantial benefits to its customers across the public sector. 

“Through its offer of a wide range of choices and working to bring better value across their commercial activity, CCS has already helped customers to achieve billions of pounds of commercial benefits. 

“I congratulate the CCS on all that it has achieved in its first decade, and look forward to seeing its continued success and growth.”

Simon Tse, CEO of CCS, said: “CCS’ 10-year anniversary is an exciting milestone, not only because we have so much to look back on and be proud of, but also because it marks the start of our next chapter. 

“I would like to say a special thank you to our fantastic team (past and present) for all of their hard work and dedication – and to the many amazing customers and suppliers we have had the pleasure of working alongside.

“We are still on a journey of changing and evolving as an organisation to ensure that we can achieve everything we have set out to achieve in our ambitious strategy.”


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