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Checklist for when a tenant leaves your property

Tenancies of a property can end for any number of reasons. Whether it’s the natural end of a fixed-term contract, the landlord gives notice, a simple mutual agreement to end the tenancy early or a court possession order otherwise known as an eviction, is created. 

There are a whole host of reasons but what doesn’t change, is the checklist that’s needed following an end of tenancy agreement. To give you a helping hand, here’s a simple rundown of a checklist you should have to hand when it comes to the end of a tenancy, what you need to do as a landlord and what you can reasonably expect and it all begins with the handover and starting the end of tenancy cleaning.


The key to a smooth handover is all in the organisation and prep. Ensure you know when the end of tenancy will be taking place and make sure to communicate with your tenant so you know if and when they’re moving out. If they intend on leaving, do remind them of their legal obligations as stated in the contract they would have signed upon moving in. 

Ensure you have a copy of the original inventory or schedule of condition to provide a comparison once they’ve vacated. You’ll then need to check the property for damage, as well as take possession of the keys and agree a reasonable time frame for deposits to be returned, providing no damage needs to be paid for.

Return Of Deposits

Once you’ve checked over the property, and resolved any issues, providing no damage must be paid for, the deposit needs to be returned and it must be returned within the agreed time frame. It’s important to note that damage is very different to ‘fair wear and tear’ and you cannot deduct from the deposit for this. 

You may need to inform any scheme administrators of the outcome of said deposit if it’s protected by a deposit protection scheme. If disputes arise that cannot be resolved by the schema administrators, then it may be necessary to take this to local county court in order to resolve it. If all goes well however, the average time frame for a return of deposit is usually around 10 working days.

Rent Arrears

It’s a tenant’s duty to pay rent until the end of the tenancy. If a tenant owes rent, then this may be deducted from the deposit accordingly, however in some cases, this again may need to go to court. Do note however, you will not be able to claim for unpaid rent once you’ve begun letting the property to someone else.

Property Left

It’s not uncommon for property to be left behind by a tenant. This can happen for any number of reasons. However tempting it may be to sell or dispose of them, it’s important to note that this cannot be done without you taking specific steps to ensure that they no longer want that property. Whether you send them a letter, email or give them a call, make sure you do what you reasonably can before disposing of them. Without taking the necessary steps, you could find yourself liable to a claim of damages from your previous tenant.

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