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CleanAir Spaces and BioTech launch ductFIT technology in the UK to transform indoor air quality and battle COVID-19

CleanAir Spaces, in collaboration with BioTech, will launch its new air treatment and surface disinfection technology, ductFIT™, in the UK, with the aim to help make indoor air spaces safer as part of the response to COVID-19. The ductFIT™ technology uses safe levels of hydrogen peroxide to remove harmful pathogens from indoor air and surfaces and has proven to eliminate more than 99.9% of all viruses.

The DuctFIT Solution, which will shortly be installed in premises across the UK, treats indoor air and surfaces by producing active ions which circulate continuously and actively to remove pollutants, viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. The technology can be inexpensively and easily installed, by being attached to existing ducts or fitted in a stand-alone unit.

This contrasts with traditional air filtration which passively filters air only when it that passes through on a cyclical basis and does not continuously ionise surfaces. In the case of viruses, such as COVID-19, the technology doesn’t passively wait for the virus to circulate through the system, as with traditional HEPA filters or Air Conditioning units, but actively goes to it and attaches around the lipid and protein layers of the virus, ultimately killing it.

Indoor air quality historically has often been taken for granted, with more attention falling upon external air quality and pollution. But this approach ignores the impact that better internal air quality can have on health and well-being. CleanAir Spaces brings a new approach to proactively protecting indoor spaces and preventing virus and bacteria cells from impacting those in a room, resulting in long-term health benefits for those in the indoor environment. Our devices can also be linked to sensors which can demonstrate visually the impact they are having on the internal environment compared to outside air quality.

CleanAir Spaces has already installed their technology in a host of popular retailers and food chains, including Zara, Loewe and Burger King with a goal of expanding into further retail units in the UK. As the retail industry seeks solutions to help to re-open, CleanAir Spaces’ technology offers improved safety and confidence to both shop staff and customers to support the return to work and the return to high streets and shopping centres across the UK.

CleanAir Spaces has worked over the last five years to build out a major presence in Asia, with over 28 million square metres of installations fitted out, improving air quality working with CBRE, JLL, Zara, Microsoft and Bayer among others. The technology has been certified and tested by independent laboratories in the US and Asia. More recently a new test was conducted in Europe at the University of Granada Hospital demonstrating a 99.75% efficiency at eliminating H1N1 and over 99.99% efficiency at eliminating other viruses such as Enterovirus and Coronavirus both in the air and on surfaces.

Pablo Fernandez, Chief Executive of Clean Air Spaces added: “We are very excited to be launching in the UK, and look forward to helping the market respond to the impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak, as well as helping to improve indoor air quality in the long term. Studies have shown that the technology boosts employee welfare and wellbeing and reduces sickness rates. We want to give employers and employees the confidence to return to work.”

Steve Skerrett, Director of Biotech Group, the UK representative for Clean Air Spaces said: “We are delighted to be able to bring the ductFIT technology to the UK marketplace after building out a major presence in Asia over recent years. We are committed to playing a key role in helping the UK to respond and re-open following recent lockdowns. Our hope is that this technology can directly help to rebuild our economy by protecting customers, employees and residents whilst they are indoors.”




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