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COVID-19 beating sanitising tunnel boosts confidence in communal areas post lockdown

A sanitising tunnel which can kill 99.999 per cent of viruses, bacteria, mould, fungi and spores, including coronaviruses, is now available through UK-based Trimite Protective Systems.

It uses the anti-bacterial sanitiser SHIELDme, which is entirely safe for human use, to spray the person passing through the tunnel with a very fine, odourless mist, activated by a pressure pad on the floor. This ensures that all skin, hair, clothing and belongings of tunnel users are infection free before entering a building or communal area. The tunnel can also have a temperature reading facility fitted. It is recommended that individuals pass back through the tunnel every time they re-enter a communal space. The tunnels are modular based so dual way tunnels can be produced.

It has already been installed in a number of locations including multi-temperature supply chain specialists Oakland International in Northants and Rimstock alloy wheel manufacturers in West Bromwich. Trimite Managing Director David Roberts says: “This product was originally developed and trialled in the Middle East where it is widely deployed. When COVID-19 arrived in the UK, we quickly saw how significant it would be if we could get these tunnels over here in a mass market way to help get people out again into communal areas with some reassurance post lockdown, whether for work or leisure.

“The beauty of the SHIELDme product is that, unlike other anti-bacterial sanitisers which need to be left in place for several minutes, this requires only a few seconds contact time to kill bacteria. It’s also completely safe for humans as it is based on something that occurs naturally in the human body.”

SHIELDme is based on super oxidised water Hypochlorous (Acid HOCI) which is manufactured using 100% natural resources and contains just four ingredients Sodium Chloride, Hypochlorous Acid, Sodium Chlorate and Water. It is known to be effective against all known pathogens including influenzas, E-coli, C-Difficile, MRSA and Norovirus and SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) and works in less than a minute. It was originally formulated for use in use in care homes, hospitals, hospitality, leisure, catering and educational environments. It can also be used to increase the shelf life of foods such as fresh fruit and meat.

SHIELDme is also available as a fogger which can be used to deep clean a building on a regular basis.

Roberts added: “We are now in discussions with a whole range of business and organisations across the UK including education, health, government, retail, leisure and commercial sectors to look at how the SHIELDme tunnel can help them get back to normal, giving employees and visitors the confidence to go out under current Government guidelines and know they are at significantly reduced risk of spreading the virus.”

For more information visit www.trimite-ps.com, email shieldme@trimite.com or call 020 7971 7666


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