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Datore launches Analytics as a Service for the built environment

This month, data services provider, Datore, has launched its Analytics as a Service solution, marking a significant milestone in the data space, as the company aims to help organisations of all sizes, budgets and skill levels harness data like a large enterprise.

Analytics as a Service helps organisations of all sizes and skill levels move from data to insights and from insights to actions that drive real business value. All without the need for an internal data experts, cost-prohibitive upfront investments, and 10-year technology decisions.

Until recently, becoming truly data-driven has been reserved only for the world’s largest organisations, says Datore. Huge amounts of money, time and effort have been spent on building the best infrastructure, analytical technology stacks, and huge data teams to hammer home their competitive advantage.

Graham Perry, Commercial Director at Datore.co.uk said: “At Datore we believe that access to game-changing insights shouldn’t be the preserve of the ‘big boys’. By flipping the old model on its head and providing access to class-leading analytics technology, a world-class data-team, and a value-guaranteeing methodology – all on an affordable subscription basis, we’re pushing for a paradigm shift.”

Key Features of Analytics as a Service:

  1. Enterprise-grade analytics and insights for a fraction of the cost.
  2. Absolutely everything necessary (technology, people, methodology) to move from data trapped in spreadsheets and systems to game-changing insights and actions.
  3. Dedicated Value Specialists, to help you answer those critical questions.
  4. A 90-day ROI guarantee.

Analytics as a Service in the Facilities Management Industry

The FM industry is “drowning in data”, states Datore, and the value that lies within this data, how companies surface it and what decisions they make off of the back of it, is rapidly becoming a “true differentiator” in the market. Clients and internal customers know this and so they are increasingly demanding insights that drive value from their providers.

Analytics as a Service is enabling FM managers and service providers to make better decisions about colleague engagement, workspace utilisation, energy consumption, regulatory compliance, asset lifecycle and so much more, says Datore. It is even now being used as a differentiator to win bids and as a way to increase customer loyalty and retention. Analytics is a differentiator, which is why the big players are investing so much money into it. Analytics as a Service allows everyone to compete, it levels the playing field.

Join the Data Revolution

Datore is inviting businesses, big and small, to join its Analytics as a Service revolution.

Datore is holding a ‘Data to Insight’ Analytics as a Service webinar on 22 November at 11:00 am GMT where Datore’s Operations Director, Sophia Lee, will explain in-depth the concept of Analytics as a Service and how it would generate value for your organisation.

To register for the event click here.

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