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Did you know UhUb is more than just its own cleaning skills training?

As excellent as that is, there is much more to UhUb. From a tailored fully flexible training tool to providing business intelligence, UhUb is a complete ‘out of the box’ Training & Engagement solution.

With over 150,000 lessons completed in 2020, UhUb is leading the way in the development of Education Technology for the deployment of whole workforce training within the cleaning sector, and our clients rely on us more and more to ensure that training is saturated throughout their employees. The past year has seen the adoption of Education Technology accelerate, with service users and indeed staff expecting and requesting higher standards of training, information, engagement and reporting. UhUb’s live reporting system has been at the heart of providing peace of mind for our clients with the ability to see in real time who has done what and when.

Training and what’s good for staff is at the heart of UhUb, it’s why we do what we do, and we have always believed that is also crucial for any successful cleaning service provider, something proved again and again by our Client Community.

That said we also recognise that cleaning is not just about cleaning skills, so UhUb provides Career Path Training straight out of the box. Our Training courses take Cleaning staff from day 1 on the job through Supervisor and on to Management with our Cleaning Training Induction, Core Skills, Advanced Skills, Supervisor Training and more.

However, UhUb is also much more than its own training, as excellent as that is.

Did you know UhUb allows you to have a range of Tailored Training which includes:

Soft Skills and Social Education

We believe Cleaning Staff are more than just a skill set or a resource, they are, first and foremost people with their own challenges and needs. We also believe that if you Employ and Deploy staff you are responsible for them beyond uniform, wages, PPE and basic training. So, we have partnered with experts in their fields who provide content beyond the demands of the job. Through our partnership with Element of Inclusion we provide Race & Inclusion Training, and with Greenstone Health we’ll provide Mental Health Awareness Training. Right now, both subjects are, or should be, very high on business agendas and are more important than ever for cleaning staff.

Company Training

UhUb is enabling companies to create and share their own training content from Company Induction & Toolbox Talks to Company Values & Back to Work from Furlough and lots more. With UhUb you can literally create and deploy any in house training you like in a range of formats, but it’s not just online content as you are able to record and report on any external or 1-2-1 training.

Customer Specific Content

UhUb allows you to work with your customers to create and share specific training relevant to them and their environments. Whether that’s customer awareness, site specific or task specific training, anything at all that’s of value can be created and delivered directly to teams and individuals who need it. This results in our clients setting a high bar for the competition during the tender process and is deepening relationships with their customers. Imagine having this in your tender tool kit next time, and how your competition will deal with it? Or perhaps how you might cope if competing against it?

Content Catalogue

UhUb also has a growing content catalogue of training from manufacturers of products & equipment, ensuring that not only are you developing functional skills, but also tools and product knowledge which ultimately mitigates costs through wastage and breakages. It is our belief that training skills is extremely important, obviously, but to maximise your investments in sustainable products or new equipment, training must be available for it and for all who use it.

Full Live Data Reporting

We say that without data you may as well not have done it. Therefore, we have created a reports suite of live data reports that provides a level of business intelligence unrivalled by any other training platform or method within the cleaning sector. Central reports allow full company oversight of activity and progress with Mobile Reports giving Field Managers the ability to demonstrate and discuss training needs, achievements and plans in real time, on demand. Through reports such as the Assessor Report and Staff Training Reports, trainers can focus on the individuals that need help or are rising stars, guiding them through their learning or career path.

And More…

Add to this Task Lists, Message Board, Assessment, Leader Boards, Company Branding and Personal Profiles and you quickly realise that UhUb is more than just skills training. UhUb is a constantly developing, constantly expanding total Training & Engagement system available on any device, anywhere, at any time it’s needed, and we are very confident that working with us will step change your business in a world that is now demanding significant change.

Just ask our Clients, they’ll tell you.

We truly believe that in 20 minutes we could change the way you think about Training & Engaging staff forever so why not get in touch?


Call to chat: 0203 291 3439. Or email: info@uhub.co.com. You can also find us at www.uhub.co.com


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