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Dispensing hydration has come of age

For facilities managers, the choices for water dispense options have never been better. According to the trade association, the Water Dispenser & Hydration Association (the WHA) the water dispense sector has recently come a long way, offering a wide array of hydration solutions.

Phillipa Atkinson-Clow, General Manager of the WHA, says: “Our member companies have responded magnificently to the new need to appeal to ‘safety first’ attitudes. The familiar water coolers are now popping up in unfamiliar formats – and not just in the workplace.”

Whatever the systems, the WHA undertakes mandatory audits and trains those providing water dispensers to ensure hygienic systems so FMs can be assured they are selecting WHA-safe suppliers.

Mains-fed or bottled water coolers continue to provide the optimum solution for hydration needs in many premises. However, now there are also touch-free countertop, and free-standing systems dispensing mains-fed water, perfect where footfall is high and space at a premium.

Alternatively, Integrated Tap Systems are the fastest growing category in the water dispense sector, according to the latest research.

Other new developments include the introduction of smart device app controls; microbial coating for touch areas; and other safety measures.

In addition, those FMs responsible for public spaces such as transport hubs, are increasingly installing touch-free bottle refill fountains, either built-in or free-standing.

Many dispensers can be branded or display a company message.

In the hospitality sector, bar pump dispensers deliver limitless still or sparkling water served in reusable bottles. Even staff working from home, can receive attractive, affordable residential dispense units.

Jon Wicks, chairman of the WHA, said: “The water dispense sector no longer adopts a ‘one size fits all’ approach. What all these systems have in common is that, by using a WHA member, you can provide that healthiest of drinks – water – not only conveniently but safely too.”

For more information visit https://twha.co.uk/find-a-member/


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