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Do you have the right characteristics for retail security?

Do you have the characteristics to enter a career within retail security? There are shops of all different shapes and sizes out there so a keen eye for detail, a focused mind and adaptability are paramount but what other characteristics could make you the perfect choice for retail security? Let’s take a look.

Dealing With Large Crowds
It’s essential that you have the ability to deal with a large volume of people. What’s more, you need to be able to do so with efficiency and ease. Within retail, you could be dealing with hundreds of people every single hour. Within these crowds you’ll need to assess any possible risk at all times, identifying everything from potential threats to shoplifters and then monitor as necessary. If you aren’t comfortable within crowds, this will be virtually impossible. Having the ability to therefore focus on the task in hand while dealing with crowds is essential. Consider also that you’ll need to focus on not only the crowds but the stock within the store itself. 

Great People Skills
As well as dealing with crowds and the shop’s own stock, you’ll also need to demonstrate great people skills. As retail security, you instantly form part of the store staff and as such, must demonstrate excellent people skills and customer service skills too. A friendly approachable security officer will undoubtedly go further within the job than a difficult, unfriendly one. You need to be able to balance a personable, amiable nature with your strict and disciplined role as a security officer.

Dealing With CCTV Operations
While not every store boasts large scale CCTV operations, there are a great amount that do. As a retail security team member, you may be expected to fulfil this part of the role and an idea of technology is essential. Being comfortable with CCTV will give you a much better capability of monitoring a larger area and tracking unscrupulous characters that require monitoring. If you can adapt to using CCTV, you’ll find yourself much more at home within the role.

Immaculate Presentation and Professionalism
This is undoubtedly one of the most important characteristics a security officer can possess. Presentation is key. As a retail security officer, you could find yourself becoming not only part of the store’s image but an ambassador as such. You’ll need to ensure you turn out in a respectable fashion and uphold the appearance of the store. It’s also important that you present an image that won’t damage the brand. As well as the image you present with the way you dress, it’s also important that you hold yourself in a respectable manner too, when responding to incidents or even possible incidents. By utilising a positive approach when it comes to your interaction with people, you’ll present a much better image and in turn maximise the productivity of the store and enhance its image further.

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