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Ergonomics at eye level

Whether it’s a laptop or tablet on the kitchen table, in a café or co-working space, in a lecture theatre or on the train – nowadays it’s possible to work on the computer and stream content from anywhere. Something that often falls by the wayside is ergonomics. If users find themselves hunched over a table that is too low, it won’t be long before they start noticing unpleasant back and neck strain. Now DURABLE is launching a solution in the form of the laptop stand RISE. Not only does this stand ensure that the device is at the perfect height, it also makes it possible to work ergonomically with an external keyboard and mouse or a second monitor. The infinitely height-adjustable stand is available now.

Additional new products are the laptop stand FOLD – a foldable, portable model – and the tablet stand RISE, which is a flexibly adjustable stand for tablets. All models are manufactured in Germany and feature a premium-quality aluminium finish and a contemporary design.

Perfectly at eye level

Laptops are endlessly versatile, used for everything from working at home to streaming and gaming. And many companies, too, are increasingly relying on portable IT equipment rather than stationary PCs. Good for flexibility, not so great for personal health. As laptops have a keyboard and screen that can’t be separated, making for an unergonomic set-up. DURABLE’s new laptop stand raises the height so that the screen can be positioned perfectly at eye level. The result is a practical, ergonomic alternative to a PC workstation that can be set up in a flash. Do you need to use a second monitor as well as a laptop? Not a problem for the DURABLE laptop stand which will make sure both screens are at the same height. Always on the move or mainly sat at your desk? DURABLE has developed appropriate models for all situations.

Laptop stand RISE

The DURABLE laptop stand RISE is suitable for all laptops between 10″ and 17″ as well as other portable devices weighing up to 5kg. It is made from 3.5 mm thick aluminium, making it extremely robust. Both the height and reading angle are infinitely adjustable to suit the individual. Wobble-free: Its sturdy design keeps everything stable while you are working while rubber pads prevent scratches on the table or desk. Anyone who has worked on a laptop for hours on end will know that a device can get pretty warm. Air holes as well as the stand’s aluminium plate dissipate the heat. Thanks to the large recessed grip, the laptop doesn’t need to be removed from the stand to open or close it. And once you’ve finished working, the laptop stand RISE can be easily folded and stored away without taking up much space.

Laptop stand FOLD

The DURABLE laptop stand FOLD is a light-weight model which is ideal for out and about. Small but beautiful – the stand is capable of holding large devices of up to 15″ that weigh up to 10 kg without any trouble. Once folded and stored in the handy pouch, it won’t take up much room in a bag. Open up and go: There are six different height levels to choose from, making it possible to set the optimal height depending on whether you are using a low café table, an armrest in a lecture theatre or a higher co-working desk.

Tablet stand RISE

Tablets are still the go-to device for those wanting something more portable. Whether it’s for work, study, cooking dinner or for streaming a well-loved series while relaxing on the sofa, the DURABLE tablet stand RISE will ensure utmost comfort. And just like the laptop stand RISE, it is infinitely adjustable so you can find the perfect viewing angle. It also holds large-format tablets weighing up to 1 kg and measuring up to 13″. And when you’ve finished using it, the stand can be simply folded and quickly stored or carried elsewhere.

For more information visit www.durable-uk.com


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