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Ergonomics in the workplace

Working from home is part of the new norm. DURABLE offers solutions for efficient and ergonomic workstations to ensure your employees are set up for home working efficiently.

It takes more than just a laptop to create a home office, so establishing what your employees require to be set up at home effectively is the first step to implementing a good home working practice. Facilities Managers are familiar with ensuring employees are set up correctly with their required products in the office, now the challenge for Facility Managers is to recognise what is also needed at home.

Along with traditional office equipment to ensure proper posture and positioning, (such as an office chair and wrist supports) modern solutions can also create an ergonomic workspace by implementing the ‘clean-desk’ principle. Space may be limited for your employees so keeping their workspaces clear and organised leads to fewer distractions and increased concentration.

VARICOLOR® Drawer Boxes and Monitor Mounts are useful tools as well as space-saving, and cable management products such as CAVOLINE® are a must for taming the cable spaghetti we often find when working from home.

We know that our working environments have a huge effect on us, so advising workers to set up their workspace by a window will provide natural light which works in harmony with the body’s circadian rhythm. And as the nights draw in, offering human-centric lighting works as a good alternative.

Facilities Managers are needed to support employees to make this shift to home working as seamless as possible. Checking in from time to time keeps employees feeling connected and more confident to ask for support.

To find out more about DURABLE, head over to www.durable-uk.com and view the extensive range of workplace solutions.


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