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Ergosense adopts Thingstream for global facility management solution

By combining Thingstream’s globally available IoT Communication-as-a-Service solution with Ergosense’s suite of measurement and monitoring devices, there is now a secure, reliable and cost predictable option to help gain efficiencies when managing facilities.

Ergosense’s devices help identify and manage efficiencies within the workspace. It became clear that to connect devices that measure temperature, air quality, decibels, light, and occupancy, connecting to the premises through Wi-Fi was too complicated, posed numerous security questions and was ultimately unreliable.

With Thingstream, Ergosense can now manufacture its devices embedding Thingstream’s IoT Communication-as-a-Service solution which guarantees Low Power GSM coverage in over 190 countries worldwide. For distributors of Ergosense, they now have a truly plug-and-connect, making installation and maintenance simple.

Ergosense’s facilities management IoT devices use a Bluetooth mesh network which is linked to the central “Doc” device which, in turn, uses Thingstream to manage data flow via Low Power GSM.

For more information visit https://thingstream.io/, https://ergosense.co.za or email sales@thingstream.io.


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