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Evotech first in UK to offer patented AC sanitisation solution

Evotech Air Quality has become the first UK company to offer services using the AIRsana patented solution for the sanitisation of AC & mechanical ventilation equipment.

Traditional methods of cleaning air conditioning and ventilation systems entail the use of chemicals and can be both messy and time consuming. The patented AIRsana solution uses a jet of dry, saturated steam at 160 degrees, injected at high pressure, to remove even hidden dirt and kill harmful micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria and mould. It simultaneously sucks up this dirt to prevent it being dispersed into the environment. On completion, the units are fully sanitised, ensuring air coming through the system does not become contaminated by mould, bacteria or dirt. Another benefit to using the dry steam sanitiser is that the equipment is cleaned to an almost new condition, improving performance, reducing running costs and increasing its lifecycle.

John Lumb, Director of Evotech Air Quality says, “Whilst recirculated air passes through filters that remove particles from the air, over time there becomes a build-up of fine dirt and dust in the system, that cleaning the filter alone cannot solve. In the past technicians have spent a lot of time using harsh chemicals to clean and sanitise AC systems and now this can be done better in half the time, using the AIRsana system.”

Evotech Air Quality helps UK businesses and organisations create healthier and safer working environments by monitoring and transforming their indoor air quality. The company’s specialist engineers use easy to access data from wireless air quality monitoring sensors in a building, to improve the air quality when required, by fine-tuning building environmental management systems and mechanical ventilation units, and through the use of the latest filtration and sterilisation technology. The company is now able to add an alternative AC sanitisation service to its customers that is more effective, safer and is a 100% ecological solution.

For more information visit www.evotechairquality.co.uk


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