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Expansive wins AET tender through Everything ICT framework

Expansive FM has secured its first business win through the public sector collaboration framework Everything ICT, having been appointed the CAFM partner for the Academies Enterprise Trust (AET) – a multi-academy operation responsible for 57 primary, secondary and special schools in England.

Until this year, the trust had legacy FM software in place – but it was really only a database solution. AET wanted to migrate to a solution that would improve visibility and workflows around compliance, budget control and contractor performance. Hundreds of users needed access to the system, including headteachers, school caretakers, health and safety coordinators and third-party suppliers – all with different needs.

AET ran a competitive tender to find a new supplier and with its modern interface, customisable dashboards, and enhanced communication features, Expansive “stood out from the pack”.

Ian Dickinson, National Head of Operations for the trust explained: “This new system promises to revolutionise how we manage tasks, track contractor activities, and access critical information across all our schools. The ability to customise dashboards for different user groups, the ease of mobile access, and access to unlimited log-ins are game changers for us.”

A key aspect of the partnership is the expected cost savings and improved management of the supply chain. With better analytics and control measures, the team hope to avoid past inefficiencies and ensure more value for money from their partnerships.

Dickinson continued: “Our goal is to enhance our response times and overall performance by having real-time data at our fingertips. This transition is not just about a new system; it’s about empowering our team and suppliers to work together more effectively and efficiently.

“Our journey with Expansive marks a new chapter in AET’s commitment to excellence in estate management. We are confident that this partnership will bring about significant improvements in our operations and collaborations.

Josh Greibach, CEO of Expansive said: “We are very excited to bring a new level of accountability and control to AET’s operations. It’s a great pleasure to be working with a team so dedicated to realising the benefits of digital transformation in the education sector.”

Eptura 2023 Workplace Index 

Over the past year, Eptura has used proprietary data and commissioned research to explore how business leaders can balance opposing demands.

In this final summary report on the state of the workplace in 2023, the global worktech leader looks at the key insights that will shape the world of work in 2024 and beyond.

For the Q4 edition of the 2023 Workplace Index, Eptura updated its proprietary data across four demands:

  • Freedom and Connection
  • Value creation and Cost Control
  • Flexibility and Certainty
  • CO2 Targets and Costs

To download the report click here.


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