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Field service management by Capital

Are you looking for help setting up a mobile workforce? Or perhaps you need help to relieve the pressure on your current field service team? 

Here at Capital, we can help with our Field Service Management services.

We have an incredible team of experienced and security cleared individuals and groups ready to provide you with a wide range of services up and down the country. Our teams can offer you services within preventive maintenance, technical service support, remote site support and even support for your existing field teams.

Cloud Based Scheduling

With our cloud based scheduling, you have the ability to tailor jobs to your exact requirements. That means you can schedule individuals and teams as and when you need them, to suit you.

You’ll also benefit from real time visibility giving you total access to each and every job remotely so you can see what’s happening and when. You can then sit back, relax and merely wait for a notification detailing each task as and when it’s been completed.

Field Staff Wherever You Need Them

Our field staff can be deployed to virtually anywhere in the UK. From Scotland through to the southernmost points of the UK. We can deploy to the North, to the Midlands, Wales and even across Ireland (We cater for a number of companies that have links with offices abroad, meaning we can even work in Europe when required). 

You can access our security cleared field staff to either take the load off of your existing field teams or provide the field service you need now, at some of the most cost-effective rates. 

The Benefits Of Outsourcing Field Services

There are several benefits when it comes to outsourcing your field services. These can be anything from having bodies where you need them, when you need them. If you aren’t able to physically be in a particular place, with our teams you can be remotely. You’ll even receive reports giving you every piece of information necessary to ensure you’re kept up to date at all times.

You’ll also be able to provide an incredibly well scheduled service that won’t just benefit you, it’ll benefit your customers and clients too by providing consistency and reliability. Our field teams have a broad range of experience, training and skills that can be applied in many circumstances and across many sectors.

Our teams have worked for a myriad of different companies and provided a wide variety of services, the fact that countless companies entrust them to be their eyes and ears on the ground proves their worth. Whether you’re happy to enlist a third party company to take care of certain tasks for you or want someone to work on your behalf, you can rest assured that with our Field Service Management services, you’re in safe hands.

With Capital by your side and our field service technicians at your disposal, you can enjoy heightened customer satisfaction, a more efficient response time and a no doubt higher turnover for your company as a whole without the need to employ and train more staff. The savings you could see would mount up quicker than you realise. 

If you’d like more information on our cost-effective field service management, simply contact us today on 0800 013 2182.

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