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Finding the right fire stopping fit for your needs with Nullifire’s new Solutions Selector!

Nullifire, a leading name in fire stopping technology, is proud to introduce the highly-anticipated Nullifire Solution Selector – Nullifinder. This digital tool promises to set new standards in the fire safety industry by providing a comprehensive, user-centric approach to accessing and utilising fire stopping solutions.

Launching early 2024, Nullifinder, as the Nullifire team nicknamed, is more than just a tool; it’s a gateway to a world of trusted and tested fire stopping solutions. With a mission to enhance accessibility to technical drawings and product data, improve the overall customer experience, and increase awareness of product testing, Nullifire’s Solution Selector is poised to transform the way professionals and partners in the construction industry operate.

The heart of the selector lies in its simplicity. This tool features a “My Detail Packs” button, allowing users to easily access their preferred solutions and creating their own packs. It also provides the convenience of downloading technical drawings as a pack, simplifying the often complex process of gathering essential data for design and build projects.

“Nullifire is dedicated to offering industry-leading fire stopping solutions, and the Solution Selector is a testament to that commitment,” said Gary Pullinger, Sales Director for Fire Protection at Tremco CPG UK. “We understand that the fire safety industry demands precision, trust, and efficiency. Nullifinder is designed with these core principles in mind. It’s your key to saving time, reducing hassle, and confidently selecting the most trusted solutions.”

The Solution Selector is seamlessly embedded on Nullifire’s website, making it easily accessible for both desktop and mobile users. Phase 1 of the launch is scheduled for January 2024, with continuous improvements planned for Phase 2.

What truly sets the Nullifire Solution Selector apart is its dedication to partner and customer feedback. Nullifire acknowledges that the success of the tool depends on its ability to meet the specific needs and expectations of the industry. Therefore, some partners and professionals have been invited to explore the selector via a dedicated landing page and shared their insights through a live feedback form upon the official launch of the platform. This collaborative approach helped Nullifire’s team to ensure that Nullifinder evolves into an indispensable resource tailored to the industry’s demands.

Nullifire’s Solution Selector marks a significant step forward in fire stopping solutions. As the competition in the marketplace intensifies, Nullifire is determined to lead the way by not only simplifying the navigation of complex testing data with over 50 years but by also setting new standards through active collaboration with partners and professionals. Together, we can make the Solution Hub the benchmark for excellence in fire stopping technology.

For more information and to explore the Nullifire Solution Selector, visit www.nullifire.com.


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