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For YorPower, trust is the currency on which we operate

YorPower has been building trust amongst its customers since 1956 when, trading as The Progress Group, we first began delivering servicing and maintenance for back-up power equipment.

While the company has evolved over the decades, trust has remained the core foundation of all operations. In certain sectors, such as healthcare, constant power can be the difference between life and death. Trust is paramount.

Here’s a brief overview of why we’re trusted to keep businesses in all sectors powered up.

Three divisions, one family

To consolidate our position as one of the nation’s leading providers of back-up power solutions, YorPower restructured and rebranded its business towards the end of 2022. We have three divisions which operate as a single unit from our base in Sherburn-in-Elmet, West Yorkshire.

  • YorPower Maintenance. Delivering generator and UPS (uninterruptible power supply) maintenance and repair solutions for over 60 years.
  • YorPower Projects. Manufacturing, supplying and installing generators for over 30 years. This includes exports worldwide as well as throughout the UK.
  • YorPower Controls. Providing controls and automation for over 20 years.

The vision statement of the group is: “Be the most trusted provider of UPS, Generator and Control Panel solutions.” Each individual in all parts of the group is focused on delivering on this statement. But what does trust mean?

It means going way beyond the basic transaction of supplying machines on time and to budget. YorPower views trust as ensuring its customers never have to even think about their power failing. Their trust in the YorPower team is so implicit, they know that measures have been taken not only to supply the right back-up power hardware but to design a comprehensive preventative maintenance package that replaces parts before they break – not when they reach the end of their lifespan and risk a power outage.

The benefits of this approach are: reduced downtime, as any possible failure will be averted; saving money, as downtime equates to lost money and PPM avoids downtime; improved performance, as cleaner units with newer parts run more efficiently; and increased productivity, because with no power outages work can continue interrupted.

Trust means that customers know they can rely on YorPower to deliver value for money. That comes from the group’s culture of fair pricing. Like any other business, YorPower needs to make a living, but all product mark-ups are fixed within their system; this never varies and is not subject to variation or individual enterprise.

Trust also means that customers can be sure that YorPower continually invests in the latest technology. At the same time, customers can look to YorPower to bring through the next generation of engineers. As members of the 5% Club, 5% of YorPower’s employees are apprentices. This applies to the wider team, including office staff, developing young people into well-rounded professionals who will grow with the company.

What trust looks like

A rapid response for a client in crisis

Recently, the YorPower UPS team was tasked with urgently supplying, installing and commissioning a new UPS unit for a laser eye surgery clinic, as their UPS unit was 15 years old and had not been maintained since 2019.

They needed their UPS back up and running within two days as they had surgeries booked in and could not risk carrying them out without back-up power, meaning they would be cancelling them if the UPS issue was not resolved.

After making contact with YorPower, an urgent Teams call was arranged with the client to discuss their exact needs and timelines.

A like-for-like solution would have meant a lead time of approximately five weeks, which was far too long due to the urgency of the laser eye surgeries – so back-up power was an absolute must-have.

Therefore, the YorPower team came up with a plan of action which involved installing a 10kVA single phase Riello S3M unit and 200 x 12v 9ah batteries housed in a separate cabinet. Once the unit and parts were ordered, UPS engineer, Jack, travelled to the Riello HQ in Wrexham to collect all the kit. Within two days of first contact with the client, Dylan and Lead UPS engineer, Annmarie, headed to site to strip out the existing install and prepare for the new. The UPS was situated on the roof of the building with only a lift for access which had a 400kg weight limit. From there it was over the roof which was covered in gravel, which was tricky for the team to transfer the equipment.

The kit arrived via Jack, and the team of three started the build. Altogether, the installation took around three hours and the UPS was commissioned at 19:45 that evening and tested on load. Within two days of initial contact, the laser eye surgery clinic had a reliable UPS unit up and running and could continue business as usual.

The customer was so impressed with the quick response and resolution of the team that they have n awarded YorPower with the UPS and Generator maintenance contracts, which include two visits per year.

They also provided great feedback to the team involved:

“Annmarie is really great in explaining intricate and technical bits of UPS in terms which we can understand well in order to make an informed decision.”

“Annmarie and Kerry were so very helpful and went to great lengths to help us in a crisis.”

For all UPS Maintenance and Servicing related enquiries, please email us at sales@ppspower.com

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