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Framework to drive optimal in-use energy performance of commercial buildings is launched

A transformative Managing for Performance Framework to drive optimal in-use energy performance of commercial buildings has been launched by the Building Better Partnership’s (BBP) Managing Agents Partnership (MAP).

The Framework recognises the pivotal role that the property management industry plays in championing energy performance and fostering collaboration among property owners, facilities managers, occupiers, and suppliers.

Focusing particularly on multi-let offices, the Managing for Performance Framework has been designed in three key stages, offering practical guidance on:

  • Assessing a buildings current performance relative to industry benchmarks and its own specification.
  • Enhancing the management and operational aspects of a building for optimal energy performance.
  • Maintaining and achieving peak in-use performance, with a focus on identifying areas for strategic focus and investment to enhance building efficiency.

The Framework links to other BBP guidance including the BBP Responsible Property Management Toolkit, which offers additional practical guidance on embedding sustainability within property management.

The Framework has been co-created by the industry, for the industry, via a working group made up of MAP, BBP Members and technical experts.

Sarah Ratcliffe, CEO of the Better Buildings Partnership said: “One of our key aims at the BBP is to develop common approaches, stimulating the property industry to deliver buildings that perform better. We are therefore delighted to launch the Managing for Performance Framework to the industry. By providing a structured approach and actionable steps, we hope this Framework will empower property managers to narrow the divide between the expected and actual in-use energy performance of buildings they manage.”

Vicky Cotton, ESG Director at Workman, Chair of the BBP’s Managing Agents Partnership, and Co-Chair of the Managing for Performance Working Group commented: “The launch of the Managing for Performance Framework marks a significant milestone for the Managing Agents Partnership. There has been a growing need for guidance that can credibly support property managers in closing the performance in-use gap, so we are thrilled to have launched a Framework designed to meet that demand.”

Carl Brooks, Global Head of ESG – Property Management at CBRE and Co-Chair of the Managing for Performance Working Group added: “Property owners are increasingly setting targets for the energy performance of their assets linked to wider ambitions toward net zero. We hope this Framework provides Property Managers with practical guidance on how to assess building performance today, and clarity around where investment is needed to drive energy reduction and efficiency aligned with those ambitions.”

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