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Garland UK launches CPD to Cut Carbon with Sustainable Roofing Design

Sustainable building initiatives are now more prevalent than ever before, and the UK has committed to achieving Net-Zero carbon by 2050 across all sectors of the economy. The built environment currently accounts for almost 40% of total carbon emissions and, as such, is an industry that offers significant opportunities for positive climate change.

Specially tailored to specifiers and surveyors, the RIBA-accredited ‘Cutting Carbon through Sustainable Roofing Design’ CPD by Garland UK gives a masterclass in carbon emissions during the entire lifecycle of your building project, from construction through to operational use and provides clear guidance on how sustainable roofing design can play a pivotal role in reducing emissions in commercial buildings and support your organisation’s key environmental initiatives.

Garland UK has taken a significant step in its commitment to sustainability, with the recent announcement that it will be a net-zero carbon company by 2032, 18 years earlier than the Government’s 2050 net-carbon zero targets. John Mather, National Sales Manager at Garland UK, played an integral role in the development of the Sustainability Commitment, explains, ‘now more than ever, we are working with clients who each have progressive carbon reduction targets to meet in the coming years. There was so much more we could do as a business to be more sustainable. Now, with our Commitment in place, we have a clear path to net zero and a better way to support our customers’ environmental initiatives in the future.’

 Reduce Carbon and Energy Bills

Garland UK’s Sustainability Lead, Alex Priddle, explains, “The Cutting Carbon through Sustainable Roofing Design CPD has been developed as a direct response to the challenges our customers are currently facing in the industry, to reduce commercial building’s carbon emissions, increase thermal efficiency and, where possible, reduce those ever rising energy bills.”

Alex adds, “it is essential for us to keep raising the standard in the industry and keep improving how we educate our customers and peers. We are responsible for ensuring the longevity of our roofing specifications that comply with current legislation and building regulations. We know that this CPD will help to advise the best sustainable roofing practices in the industry today.”

Live CPD Webinar Registration

Register via the link below to book your place on Garland UK’s live CPD webinar: Cutting Carbon Through Sustainable Roofing Design, with Sustainability Lead Alex Priddle. The session will be held at 12.00 pm on the 1st of December 2022.

All attendees will receive a personalised RIBA CPD certificate via email after the live session.

Register here.


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