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GOJO launches an innovative new dispenser and harder working soap for cleaner hands

Skin health specialist, GOJO Industries-Europe unveils breakthrough innovation in hand wash with its brand-new ‘healthy soap’ plus revolutionary dispensing system.

Skin health specialist, GOJO Industries-Europe Ltd is introducing a new, complete solution to help fight the spread of germs in facilities across a variety of industries. Available in the UK and France from July 2021, the PURELL SOLUTION features innovative new dispensers and a brand new type of ‘healthy soap’, which benefits from ‘CLEAN RELEASE™ Technology’ (CRT).

PURELL HEALTHY SOAP™ sets a new standard for soap performance, enabling users to achieve their deepest clean ever, thanks to its ‘CLEAN RELEASE™ Technology’ (CRT). This breakthrough technology allows the product to reach into areas of the skin which are hard to reach. More than 99% of dirt and germs is removed from hands, and up to 3.4 times fewer germs are left on the skin, compared to standard soaps.

This remarkably mild formulation is also kind to hands – even with frequent use. Dermatologically tested and formulated for dry and sensitive skin, the formulation includes 90% naturally derived ingredients, and leaves 2x less residue.

It is also free from parabens and phthalates, as well as harsh preservatives and anti-bacterial ingredients, which are some of the most common causes of severe skin irritation. It is available with or without fragrance. In user trials, 95% preferred PURELL HEALTHY SOAP over regular soap.

The revolutionary new PURELL® ES8 Dispenser addresses the two most common service issues: dispensers running empty and worn out batteries. Its ‘AT-A-GLANCE™’ refill design makes it easy to monitor product levels with one quick look, saving both time and labour – and potential customer complaints about empty dispensers.

Boasting breakthrough ‘Energy-on-the-Refill’ technology, each refill comes with an integrated battery. This enables continuous touch-free dispensing without the worry of the battery wearing out or the hassle of having to change it. As well as PURELL HEALTHY SOAP High Performance Foam Hand Wash, the dispenser is also compatible with PURELL HEALTHY SOAP Mild Foam or PURELL Advanced Hygienic Hand Rub.

Chris Wakefield, comments: “Never before have so many understood that the simple act of washing hands can break the chain of infection, and improve health outcomes.

“The technology in our PURELL ES8 dispenser prevents it from running empty – the ultimate barrier to hand hygiene, whilst the CLEAN RELEASE™ Technology in PURELL HEALTHY SOAP boosts soap performance. Its novel formula reaches deeper into hard-to-reach areas of the skin to gently remove 30% more dirt and germs than regular soap. With cleaner hands as a result, PURELL HEALTHY SOAP helps to reduce germ transmission in facilities across a variety of industries.”

For a tailored, effective, complete solution for your setting, or for more information on the benefits of partnering with GOJO, please call +44 (0)1908 588444, email infouk@GOJO.com or visit www.GOJO.com.


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