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Government urged to push ahead with proposed waste reforms

Following recent reports that a further delay to Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is under consideration, CIWM (Chartered Institution of Wastes Management) has written to the UK Prime Minster, Rishi Sunak, calling on him to push ahead with “the comprehensive and forward-looking reforms on packaging extended producer responsibility (EPR) and consistent collections that the Government introduced in its 2018 Resources and Waste Strategy”.

CIWM makes the point that whilst there have already been several delays, packaging producers and the UK waste and resource management sector have already started work to ensure compliance with the regulations that have already been laid. It also made the point that failure to implement EPR would result in plans to introduce more consistent household collections also being scrapped, as they will be financed by funds from EPR.

CIWM stated that whilst it “understands the pressures facing the UK economy and concerns that these reforms could impact household budgets, they will also create new jobs, economic growth and help the UK towards its net zero ambitions”. It added that “failure to implement EPR will result in the public continuing to bear the cost of commercial recycling, less investment in recycling infrastructure due to a loss of confidence in the legislative framework and a significant slowing of the UK’s green economy”.

CIWM President Dr Anna Willetts said: “CIWM has been supportive of these reforms throughout, working closely with Defra officials to help mould them and move them forward. We continue in that manner and are here to support Defra and the Government in getting the job done. With strong Governmental leadership we can move the world beyond waste, show the UK to be the environmental leader it has the potential to be, and grow the green economy with new jobs and skills. We urge the Prime Minister to waste no further time and to push on with the implementation of EPR and publishing the Government’s plans for consistent collections.”


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