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Industry experts examine the changing energy landscape in a new report

‘POWER RESILIENCE 2024’, a new report from UK power solutions provider, Critical Power Supplies (CPS), examines the changing energy landscape in the context of the climate risk, the shifting UK legislative framework, the proliferation of technology, the potential of data-driven decision making, the knowledge gap concerning energy solutions, and the looming overhaul of the UK’s infrastructure that will one day make the transition to renewable energy possible.

While transitioning to renewable energy sources can be embraced and pushed forward by industry, there remains the ‘business as usual’ prerogative. There is the risk that the existing infrastructure may sporadically collapse under the stresses and strains that the transformation will bring with it. As this critical movement continues to gain momentum, backup power supplies will be both business- and life-critical in the not-too-distant future.

POWER RESILIENCE 2024 explores the challenges that British businesses are facing in ensuring the resilience, stability, adaptability, and sustainability of their power infrastructures. The report also unravels the vital role of back-up power in protecting healthcare facilities, preventing data loss in financial institutions, and ensuring business continuity across sectors.

Featuring insight from energy industry experts across FM and property organisations, including JLL, SFMI, Pareto FM, EMCOR UK, and Service Works Global, the panellists highlight the areas that corporate real estate, facilities, and energy teams need to consider and action to future-proof their organisation’s energy systems, while also addressing the steps necessary to minimise downtime from energy disruptions.

While there are myriad challenges to overcome in the pursuit to decarbonise the built environment, from environmental issues and geopolitical tensions, to economic fluctuations and technological disruption, the report illuminates the resilient energy solutions on offer.

The rationale for the POWER RESILIENCE initiative is to help the industry ride out the storm while celebrating the power of those responsible for business continuity to develop robust energy plans that will safeguard lives and livelihoods while the country continues to grapple with the consequences of climate change.

Critical Power Supplies’ CEO Jason Koffler said: “The path to sustainable energy resilience requires a holistic approach. From grid modernisation, reliable critical power supplies, and legislative frameworks, to the integration of effective technologies, upskilling of leadership teams, and collaborative partnerships, addressing these complex challenges is essential to ensure decarbonisation goals are met. As the power landscape evolves, businesses must not only respond to the challenges of the present but also anticipate and prepare for the dynamic shifts that lie ahead.”

To read the full report click here.

Eptura 2023 Workplace Index 

Over the past year, Eptura has used proprietary data and commissioned research to explore how business leaders can balance opposing demands.

In this final summary report on the state of the workplace in 2023, the global worktech leader looks at the key insights that will shape the world of work in 2024 and beyond.

For the Q4 edition of the 2023 Workplace Index, Eptura updated its proprietary data across four demands:

  • Freedom and Connection
  • Value creation and Cost Control
  • Flexibility and Certainty
  • CO2 Targets and Costs

To download the report click here.

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