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Innovative, high performance electric infrared heater for industry and commerce

  • eSchwank S-18000 is the most powerful electric infrared heater of its kind
  • with 3-stage modulation, 6, 12 and 18 kilowatts
  • long service life due to reliable infraGlow heating elements
  • service-friendly design
  • climate neutral heating with green electricity possible
  • specially developed for industrial applications

The heating specialist Schwank has added another climate-neutral product to its portfolio, by launching an innovative, powerful, electric infrared heater. The new device has been specially developed to meet the demanding requirements of industrial and commercial buildings with regard to the Net-Zero Emission goals. With a heating output of 18 kW, the electric infrared heater eSchwank S-18000 is so powerful that even very high buildings can be heated comfortably, economically and, if PV electricity is available, 100% environmentally friendly.

In contrast to commercially available electric infrared heaters with quartz or halogen heating element, the electric infrared heater from Schwank has robust, efficient heating elements named infraGlow, which operate at high surface temperatures of approx. 800 degrees Celsius. According to the manufacturer, their service life is around ten times longer than that of the quartz elements that are often used. At the same time, the eSchwank S-18000 does not generate any potentially harmful light source for the eyes, which could occur with quartz or halogen heating elements. This is a significant product advantage, especially in spots where employees work stationary, for long periods of time.

Proof that the eSchwank S-18000 is designed for a long service life is its ease of maintenance. For instance, the heating elements can be replaced in just a few minutes if necessary. The water spray protected device can also be complemented with other useful features. For example, a protective grille is available for applications in sports facilities, a ModBus-compatible control system can be used for integration into a Building Management System (BMS) and Schwank offers special mounting brackets for the installation on walls. The 3-step version of the eSchwank S-18000 is controlled via the SchwankControl or via a higher-level Building Management System (BMS). On the electrical side, each device has its own relay box including electrical contactors.

Overall, the decades of experience in the field of infrared heating are reflected in the design. The fire-aluminised and therefore corrosion-resistant and sturdy housing of the new eSchwank S-18000 has a double-shell design extending far over the heating elements. In this way, Schwank achieves to produce a heat cushion on the underside of the appliance that is important for a high infrared yield. The three-step modulating control can realise 6, 12 and, at full power, 18 kW. This means that the eSchwank S-18000 can also economically cover the heat demand that is actually required during transitional periods. The device’s dimensions and low weight take into account typical building features such as sprinkler spacing or ceiling loads. This means that the eSchwank S-18000 can usually replace existing gas-fired appliances on a one-for-one refurbishment.

For more information visit https://schwank.co.uk/, email sales@schwank.co.uk or call 020 8641 3900.


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